Frequently Asked Question On Follo

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Follo?
A.Follo is India’s only Celebrity Connect platform that helps fans reach and connect with their favourite celebrities through all platforms: IVR, WEB, WAP and App. It offers a range of celebrity engagement services such as regular Live Celeb chats, ask questions to celebrities, bid and Buy Celebrity Memorabilia, wish celebs on their birthdays, access to celeb feeds such as Pictures, Videos, Audio Blogs, celebrity gossip, news and much more.

Follo covers Indian and International celebrities across various genres such as Bollywood, TV stars, Regional (Tollywood, Kollywood,Ollywood),Hollywood, Lifestyle, Astrology, Fashion, Beauty and much more. Follo has access to 1000+ celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, SunnyLeone, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc.

Q. How can I follo a celebrity/ star?
To Follo a celebrity, Sign in or register on Select a celebrity & click on “Follo ME” button. If you wish to open celebrity page on web browser visit<first name of celebrity>. For e.g. To Follo Katrina Kaif, visit on your web browser

Q. What do I get if I Follo a celebrity? What benefits would accrue to me for follo-ing a celebrity?
A. Follo enables you to connect to your favourite celebrity and access their images, voice feeds and videos. By follo-ing a celebrity, you could stay updated about what all is happening in their life. As a Follo user, you shall receive regular emails in your mail box twice a week.

Q. What is "Login with Facebook?"
A. Login with Facebook allows user to login on Follo without creating a new login id i.e. by using Facebook's login system. Instead of creating a new account on our site, user can use his/her existing Facebook id to register on Follo web.

Q. If I sign in using Facebook, will my friends see what I am reading?
A. . No. By signing in with Facebook, you are simply using your existing Facebook account to register on Follo. We are not posting your activities or tracking your actions.

Q. What are the charges for accessing Follo on web?
A. Follo is free on web. You can Follo multiple celebrities here without any cost. Just access & Follo your favorite celebrity.

Q. How many celebs i can Follo on web?
A.You can Follo unlimited celebrities on Follo web.

Q. What happens if I try to Follo a celebrity I'm already follo-ing?
A.If you try to Follo a celebrity that you are already follo-ing, Follo system shall inform that “You are already Following”.